Information about 2019 edition will come soon
To wait, we invite you to watch the MaXi-Volunteer movie

Welcome, friends of the Salomon Gore-Tex MaXi-Race!

To all our cherished current and future volunteers! Over 8 editions of the MaXi-Race, a true family of volunteers has formed.
Our family grows larger each year with ever more volunteers joining us on this great adventure, taking a weekend out of their everyday lives to help make this event special. As they say, “the more the merrier,” and this great sporting event on Lake Annecy is certainly no exception.

However, between the smiles, cheers for the racers and  fits of giggles, you are the key organisers, the true backbone of the event. According to the international authorities evaluating the organisation in 2014 and 2015, this was a quality event, run by you in a serious and efficient manner.

The result? The MaXi-Race won an award for its organisation in the 2015 IAU Trail World Championships!
This achievement could only have happened thanks to you and you should be proud of yourselves!
So let the adventure continue with news challenges…

The 2019 edition of MaXi-Race will propose 11 races between 125km and 17km.
All the usual races will still run, but you know these all by heart by now: Mini Race, Fémina Race, Short Race (ex-Discovery Trail), Marathon Race, Maxi Race, XL Race, R Race (ex-Team Race) !

Since 2018, we have created an officical association named “MaXi-volonteers” wich is in charged of all the volonteers of MaXi-Events : MaXi-Race, MaXi-Snow, MaXi-Night

Have I convinced you yet? Would you like to join the 2018 organisation team and spend a weekend at the heart of the excitement of the Maxi-Race?

  • First step : indicate your disponibilities on the registration form (avalaible in december)
  • Second step : At the 15th of april, you will received your planning
  • Third step : You will be invited to an information meeting
  • Forth Step : It is the MaXi-Race week!

Information metting are also organized to prepare the event and to explain your mission.
Meeting date will be avalaible in january

If you have other question, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:

See you soon for a new Maxi Race adventure….
Volunteer coordination manager

Some stats on 2018 Salomon Gore-Tex MaXi-Race

For those who don’t already know, here are the numbers from the MaXi-Race 2018:

  • 1 International event on Lake Annecy for those who love Trail running
  • 1 Non-profit organisation : DSN74 (Development of Nature Sports)
  • 10 Trail races open to all, from 400m to 110km, from ages 3 to 99 years
  • 500 volunteers working hard all week
  • 7500 runners of all levels, both French and international