MaXi-Race China

2018 edition will take place the 25th of november 2018

Maxi-Race China
25th of November 2018
1 day
57km& 2940m D+
23km& 1560mD+
ITRA Point
57km = 3pts
23km = 1pt
Jiangle exploring

Some images from Jiangle in China where will be held a new Maxi Race World next 25 of November... Sport is about sharing and education 😊#timetoexplore

Publiée par Maxi Race World sur Jeudi 11 octobre 2018

Maxi-Race Longqishan details

  • Landscape : Hight altitude landscape
  • Type de terrain : Single tracks and large tracks
  • Tecnical difficulties : Middle
  • Landscape :  “The race will take place in a preserved area with mountain”